Foto: Tina StaffrenFoto: Tina Staffren

Join us on hiking tours to our favourite mountains and waterfalls, learn how to make a fire the old way -with ignition steel, spend the night in our traditional Sami Lávvu(tent) and make your own cinamon bun over open fire. We like to treat you with the best that Scandinavia can offer and belive the best way to do it are in small groups. This gastronomy hiking journey is a  hidden gem outside the crowded tourist spots. 

 In the boarder country you get to know and taste three different cultures, the norweigan, the Sami and the Swedish culture. You learn the sauna-rituals, the importance of Swedish fika and how to talk with the moose- but will you learn to enjoy a cold bath in the lake?

Midnight sun or berry-time?

We offer two trips for this exclusive journey. Take a chance to experience the midnight sun with bright light all day and all night. In June the nature explodes with colours and sounds and you have the mountains to yourself.
On the other hand, if you join us in August the wheather and swimming lakes are warmer, the mountains are full of berries and eatable plants and the night gets dark.


Foto: Tina StaffrenFoto: Tina Staffren

This journey suits the curious adventurer who like to know more about different cultures, enjoy great local food and have a passion for nature. 


Local gourmet guide Lena runs Flammans skafferi. Och så nått mer! 

Local mountain leader and foodie Sofie make sure you get a great hiking experience with local history, wildlife and eatable plants and much more.  

Ellinor is the chef and owner of guesthouse Enaforsholm Fjällgård and will take care of you during our days at the guesthouse. 

Do you have any questions?  Do not hesitate to ask! 

The naked truth

- We hike 5-12 km and 6 hours a day in various terrain. Altitude difference about 300 meters

- You have to carry your own backpack and some of the food by your self

- Wanna come as you are? You can rent all gear & clothes from us, please let us know in advance. Pricelist here

- Overnights: 2 nights at cosy private cabin Skurdalsporten Fjellstue, 2 nights in our traditional Sami Lávvu(tent), 4 nights at our friends at the guesthouse Enaforsholm Fjällgård

- We belive the best way to enjoy this journey is to leave your watch and the stress at home. Bring a smile and an open mind and we promise to give you memories for life and great company along the way

- The tour includes: Pick up at Trondheim international Airport or Railway station, full board including three course menues, some snacks, overnights, local guides, transports during the stay and suprises along the way   

Full itinerary (or download a PDF)

Gastronomy hiking journey 2020

Day 1
Our guide will welcome you at the railway station or airport in Trondheim, Norway. After approximately one hour drive we pass the border to Sweden and reach our guesthouse in the mountains. We welcome you with a traditional three course local menu. Sit back and enjoy the stunning view while your guide will tell you more about the area and the following activities during this journey. We end the day with coffee in front of the fireplace. 


Day 2
During the first day we head out for a hike in the mountains and enjoy a local lunch in the wild. We get to know the nature, taste some eatable plants and listen to the rippling streams in the bare mountains. Hiking distance is approximately 8 kilometres(5 hours hiking) in a varied terrain. We get back to our guesthouse for a sauna, a bath in the river Enan and have a traditional three course dinner at our guesthouse.

Day 3
We head out to the traditional Sami Lávvu camp. After 3 km hike we get to the campsite. Learn how to start a fire with different techniques. Learn how to use an axe and carve your own spoon. Lunch at the campsite. We will spend the night just like the Sámi people used to by sleeping on reindeer skins in a traditional Sàmi Lávvu tent. If the weather is good and if you’re really adventurous you can spend the night under the bare sky. Otherwise we assure that you will have a nice and cozy night inside our lávvu in warm sleeping bags. With nothing but the company of the mountains we fall asleep to the sound of the crackling fire. We will spend the night together in one làvvu.  


Day 4
We wake up to the smell of freshly boiled coffee and the sound of the ptarmigan laughing over the mountains – this is the best way to start a day. In this peaceful setting we enjoy a slow morning at the campsite. After enjoying a traditional outside breakfast we continue the art of crafting wood, finding eatable plants and keep working on our campsite. 


Day 5

We start the day by the fire with breakfast before heading back to the guesthouse. A lunch awaits us before have the afternoon off. Have a shower, a sauna or a swim in the river. Stroll around the islet outside our guesthouse, have a bath in ”drömmarnas grotta” (the cave of dreams) or enjoy the view from the terrace. 

Later on, after enjoying a three course dinner at our guesthouse, we enter the best time for wildlife spotting. Just before dawn we hike one hour to get a great view of the area and the wildlife in particular. The chances of spotting moose, reindeer, capercaillie and ptarmigan are great in this area. The area a is also home to Sweden´s Big  Five – Wolverine, Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynx and Golden Eagle. However, these animals are extremely shy and difficult to spot. We can´t give you any guarantees of seeing any animal at all, but we guarantee that we will give you the best of chances in doing so. We end our day on the mountain in front of by the crackling fire and enjoy some local delicacies. We sleep at the guesthouse. 

Cosy cabin at Skurdalsporten Fjellstue

Day 6

 A four hour hike will take us to Norway and the cosy old cabin of Skurdalsporten Fjellstue, where we will be staying for two nights. The terrains is various and we hike almost all day above the tree line, with a difference in altitude at approx 150 meters. During the hike we use our new gained knowledge and make a fire and cook our own lunch over open fire. Of course we make sure to enjoy a Swedish "fika" by the fire as well. We get to know more about the history of this boarder region where the pilgrims and Swedens first air tourists been hiking the path long before us. We end the day with a Norwegian sauna, swim in the lake and a typical local dinner. 

Please note, Skurdalsporten Fjellstue do not have running water, electricity or road. We sleep in beds, everyone in a big room. We have this fantastic cabin all by our self. 

Day 7

We start the day with a traditional breakfast before heading out to the mountains. We spend all day outside hiking the nearby mountains and enjoy the never ending views. Maximum distance for todays hike is 8-9 kilometers with a difference in altitude at aprox. 200 meters. The terrain up here is exposed and the weather will decide what kind of hike we do. After a full day of hiking and being outdoors we get back to Skurdalsporten Fjellstue for a sauna, swim in the lake and the hot tub. We end this gastronomy hike at top, with a XX dinner in our cabin. This is a evening you always will remember.    

Day 8

A heartly breakfast give us a good start for the day, before hiking the 4 hours back to the van. We enjoy lunch outside before returning to the guesthouse. Todays hike offer a great view, good chance to see reindeers and a superb variation of flowers. We enjoy a three course dinner watching the mountains one more last time before heading back home. 


Day 9 

Breakfast at the guesthouse and ready for departure- or choose to stay an extra day on your own if you like. 

Fact about the Gastronomy hiking journey 2020

Time: June or August

Length: 9 days/8 nights

Location: Start and end at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. Pick up from Trondheim, Norway. 
Focus on: Living close to nature, great local food, explore the mountains with fauna and wildlife, overnight in Sámi lávvu tent and having a peaceful time.
Grading: 3* Moderate walk maximum 15km in various terrain 
Groupsize: 1-8 persons

*On a 5-grade scale there 1 is easy ad 5 is difficult

Whats included
– Local guides
– Pick-up at Trondheim railway station or airport. All other transports during the stay are included as well. 
– 4 night in our guesthouse, 2 night together in a traditional Sámi làvvu tent, 2 nights at private cabin. Single room in our guesthouse is available at extra cost. Please send us a request. 
– 3 course menu dinners every day, breakfast, swedish fika and lunch every day. Please note, no drinks are included.
– Binocular 8×42
– Reindeer skin, sleeping bag.

You need to bring
– Hiking boots 
– Clothes (see packing list and exclusive video for more details) Equipment rental are avaible, please contact us at least 2 days before departure.  Pricelist here. 
– Backpack approximately 40-65 liters
– A  curious and happy mind