We want to share our mountain joy, local guides and great knowledge about the area, the cultures and the history- right at the doorstep of our backyard. Together with you we would like to share the best of our Scandinavian mountains. To us the everyday life in the mountains is all about enjoy fantastic nature, have a good local meal, meet like-minded and have a great time in life. 


We believe in sustainability- both to nature and human. 

To offer you a sustainable, local food and good raw products along the way is important and natural to us. 

Reindeer, moose, arctic char, vegetables and berries from our mountains, forests and lakes around us is on our menu. 

We work hard to build a company thats healthy to the environment, the economy and the humans in our home. When you join us on one of our journeys you give 5% back to the nature around us. It means that we donate 5% in a Ethical fund to different local projects to protect our nature, the wildlife and trails we hike. 


Yes, everyone are welcome to our journeys. We do not care about where you are from, who you sleep with or what you identifies as. Respect, humanity and love is our compass. People are different and that makes our journeys a happier and better experience.  We believe in treating fellow humans the way we want to be treated. And to be honest - the love to adventures is the best way to bring us all together. 

My name is Sofie Werner and I’m the founder of Strövtåg

With both my legs strongly anchored in the mountains between Sweden and Norway people describe me as calm, happy and always ready to explore. I live in Handöl, a small village with approximately 40 residents. My passion is food(and maybe some sweets ;) ) and the the simplicity of life. 

I want to show people the nature to give them a better understanding why we have to protect the lakes, forests, mountains and the air we breathe. Without them we wouldn’t survive.
 Graduated Mountain Leader in Sweden (Fjälledare Sommar) and certified Wilderness First Aid Responder. 

 I’m happy to show you my backyard and most of all- welcome to us!