About this area

Welcome to the Southern and less known part of the famous ”Kings trail”. 
With never ending mountain views this area is known for it´s wild surrounding. We would love to show you our home! Join us to hidden gems outside the crowded tourist spots in this area, located in the south and less known part of the southern King`s trail.


Handöl is a small and genuine village with about 40 residents. Well known for the soapstone, Carolians and the nature.  We are located between skiing metropol Åre in Sweden and Trondheim in Norway. 

With it´s peaceful, natural and genuinely Scandinavian atmosphere, it is the perfect place to spot wildlife, cultural journeys and enjoy the beautiful surrounding mountains. Listen to the sound of the wild streams and feel the wind in your face when you sweep over the area with a binocular. The opportunity of spotting moose, reindeer, capercaillie and ptarmigan are great in this particular area. 
Learn to cook your food over the open fire, taste local and traditional delicacies. Our menu come from the forests, the mountains and the lake at our backyard. We combine the three cultural around us, the Sámi, the Norwegian and the Swedish culture, in a great blend. Char, Moose, eatable plants, berries, local bread and cheese are some of our ingredients. 
The mountains doesn’t only give us a unforgettable view, they tell us so many histories and stories, all the way from the Sami reindeer herders, the first settlers, the pilgrims and the war in the boarder country. Nowdays we belong to Sweden and still carry all the different traditions in our everyday life.

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Åre- the Scandinavian alpine captial

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