This 6 day journey gives you a glimpse of bird life in the mountains. We better tell you straight away- this is not a journey where we count birds, this is an introduction for the nature lover who wants to learn more about birds and have a great experience in these cultural mountains. You will enjoy hiking and bird-watching in a low pace and we will make sure you will always have time for a Swedish fika- fresh boiled coffe, a chance to rest and maybe learn to sound like a xx . 

Lake Ånnsjön is a protected nature 2000 area and are well known for great wildlife. We will see, hear and get to know many different speices but the apple to our eyes are the unknown spectacular the Great snipe. When the snow has melted and the nights are bright the birds come from all around the world to famous lake Ånnsjön for breeding.  After a four day constant flight from Africa the Great Snipe arrives- one of our most rare species. The highlight of this journey is to have one of the best chances to see the weird and fantastic lek, where the males are trying to impress the female snipes. The sound, their jumps and the drama continues all night - a night you will never forget. 

Guides Anders and Sofie will take you hiking to great reconnaissance place, hidden gems and untouched nature. We have the lunch outside and you will enjoy great local food.  We will spend the nights at out friends guesthouse Enaforsholm Fjällgård. 

This journey suits a nature lover wanting to learn more about birds, life in the mountains and have a unique, weird, stunning experience not many other have seen. Perfect for nature photographers and solo travellers. 

The naked truth

- We will hike for 5 hours at a maximum every day. 

- We do not count and promise you to see a certain amount of birds although we promise to give you a great wild life experience and see and hear a lot of birds.

- Sleeping arrangements 5 nights at our friends at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. 

-- You will have the chance to spend one night outdoors experience the rare lek of the Great Snipe, if the weather allow

- The best way to really enjoy this journey is to leave your cellphone, stress and your to-do list at home. Bring a camera or store the unforgettable memories in your mind. 

- The tour includes: Pick up at Trondheim International Airport or Railway station, full board including three course menues, some snacks, overnights, local guides, transports during the stay and surprises along the way  

- Wanna come as you are? You can rent all gear & clothes from us, please let us know in advance. Click here for a current pricelist here


Full itinerary 

Day 1

We start the journey with dinner at our guesthouse. We get to know more about the place and enjoy the mountains with its relaxed surroundings. We talk about the rest of the journey and have a nice evening together.  

Day 2

After a great breakfast we head out to the wildlife. Hiking to nearby wetlands and other great habitats for many different kind of birds. We spot and get to know more about the birds. Todays hike is a gentle start to the week and we hike around 4 hours in a flat landscape in a slow pace. We make a fire and enjoy lunch and Swedish fika outside. After a full day of birdwatching we head back to the guesthouse for a three course menu, sauna and a swim in the river. 

Day 3

New day and a new spot to watch birds and wildlife. We hike at the shoreline of lake Ånnsjön. The delta in this area are protected nature and hosts many migratory birds. Todays hike are flat and we spend some time in bird watching towers getting to know more about the birds, their habitats and the surrounded area. We have lunch outside before heading back to the guesthouse for a great dinner. Todays hike is around 4 hours. After dinner we get to know more about the Great Snipe before heading out to see the spectacular lek. One hour of hiking take us to the specific spot. We spend the evening outside. The birds and the bright night gives us a extra ordinary experience not many have seen before. We spend the night at the Greats Snipe for as long as we want before heading back to sleep at the guesthouse. 

Day 4

After a lazy morning you have the morning for personal activities. Have a swim in the River Enan, stroll around the isle we staying at, have a bath in the cave of dreams "drömmarnas grotta" or hangout at the terrace. We meet at lunch and make a fire and cook our food over the open fire. After lunch we make a shorter hike. We hike in a flat landscape for about 3 hours. We have dinner at the guesthouse. 

Day 5

We take the car to another good habitat for the birds. Today we head to the mountains around Storlien. Great view, hiking and spotting not only birds, mammals like reindeer and moose are common in this area as well. Todays hike gain altitude around 150 meters and we spend most of the day above the tree line. Hiking for about 6 hours. Lunch and coffee breaks outside. 

Back at the guesthouse we have a fantastic three course menu, enjoying sauna and great company. 

Day 6

We end this journey with a hearty breakfast enjoying the peaceful surroundings before heading back home. Transport to Trondheim Airport and Trondheim Railway station are included. 

Please note: Due to rapid weather changes we can change places of birdwatching. The late watch of the Great Snipe lek will take place when the weather are at the best. We want good conditions when experience this unique bird. 

Fact about the Birds and Mountains - a rare journey 2020

Time: Late May, the peak season for migratory birds

Date: 27 of May -1 of June

Length: 6 days/5 nights

Location: Start and end at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. Pick up from Trondheim, Norway. 
Focus on: Bird watching, hiking, mountain love, local culture and great food.
Grading: 3* Moderate walk maximum 15km in various terrain 
Groupsize: 1-8 persons

*On a 5-grade scale there 1 is easy ad 5 is difficult

What is included
– Local guides
– Pick-up at Trondheim railway station or airport. All other transports during the stay are included as well. 
–  Single room in our guesthouse is available at extra cost. Please send us a request. 
– 3 course menu dinners every day, breakfast, swedish fika and lunch every day. Please note, no drinks are included.
– Binocular 8×42

What to bring
– Hiking boots 
– Clothes (see packing list and exclusive video for more details) Equipment rental are avaible, please contact us at least 2 days before departure.  Pricelist here. 
– Backpack approximately 40 liters
– A  curious and happy mind