Adventure dreams of Scandinavia

Adventure dreams of Scandinavia. The ultimate adventure experience – join us on a Gastronomy Hiking Journey under the midnight sun!

Fine dining, re-wildning and hiking the Scandinavian mountains –
the perfect journey for the food and naturelover

Adventure dreams of Scandinavia. Hiking in the bare mountains- a wild and free experience.


Adventure dreams of Scandinavia join a costume made journey. 

Do you want a private journey?  Please send us an email or use our contact form.


Photo:Tina Staffren


Our mind is all set on sustainability 
We believe in sustainability- both in nature and humans. Our adventures are careful created to be sustainable, interesting and a truly wild experience. 
To offer you sustainable, local food and good raw products along the way is important and natural to us. 
Reindeer, moose, arctic char, vegetables and berries from our mountains, forests and lakes around us is on our menu. 
We work hard to build a company that is good for the environment, the economy and the humans in our home. When you join us on one of our journeys you give 5% back to the nature around us. It means that we donate 5% in an Ethical fund to different local projects to protect our nature, wildlife and trails we hike.