History of Scandinavia and Jämtland

History of Scandinavia and Jämtland. We don’t just have fantastic mountains, there is also a multi-faceted history here!

Jämtland- A part of Sápmi
The area has a long history from hunters and fishermen. Jämtland are a part of Sápmi from that time when boarders where created, around the 17th century. Before that this area of mountains were old transport routes, lands for fishermen, hunters and gatherers. Sápmi is a nation without state and national borders, but with a common language, common culture and history. Sámi people are the Indigenous People of Sweden and Europe’s only indigenous people.

In this area the reindeer herdering are common and the reindeers are a nice company when hiking the mountains. Make sure not to disturb the reindeer- or other animals in the mountains. The Duodji , Traditional handcraft, are well known as well as the Gapta, the colourful traditional folk costume used mostly at festive gatherings.
Get to know more about Sápmi or at The Sami Parlament(Svenska sametinget)

The Carolinians’ Death March
A dark history in the mountains around us. The Swedish and Finnish Carolinians’ attempt to conquer what was then Norway is still called “the most tragic event in Swedish Military History”. Back at the beginning of the 18th century, there were difficult times for the population of Jämtland, despite that, the Swedish king wanted to conquer Norway. After many tough months in the field, the Swedish King died at the end of 1718 and the army was ordered home again. Around New Year 1719, they would finally be allowed to return home. Then the area was hit by a wild winter storm and many had their last rest on the mountain. In total, there was an army of 10,000 men, and here on the mountain almost 4,000 remained. It was a pure tragedy and Jämtland lost many sons, husbands, fathers and grandfathers.
Do you want to follow the rute that the Carolinians take? Of course we do in it in summer and make it not only about history, but also as an safe and joyful experience. Book a private guided tour.
Keen to know more about the history of Scandinavia and Jämtland? Take a trip to the National Museum Jamtli.

Soapstone mining made the village of Handöl well known

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