Book Private guide in Jamtland

Private fjälguide

Book private guide in Jamtland and get several advantages:

*Choose which date suits you best
*Bring colleagues, friends, your partner or come yourself. The whole day is planned just for you
*Get more out of your tour or course. Whether it’s about ski tech, a guide to my unknown favorite or trying out new mountain activities, you’ll get a day tailored to your needs.

How to book
There are no available dates at the moment, do you want to book your trip on a specific date? Write an email to

Do you want inspiration? This has been booked by previous guests!

Ice fishing guide

The group of girls who want to challenge themselves with a 5-day hike between cabins

Spectacular mountains, local food, tough hikes and lots of laughter. I planned, booked and guided the entire trek! 1, 2, 4 or 6 nights? Yes, you choose how long you want to be outdoors.

Campfire stories

The family that gave the perfect 60th birthday gift

Rarely are gifts more appreciated than being able to come along on a really cool nature experience! This particular Norwegian jubilee had one of the nights of his life out on the bright early summer night when he got to see and hear the double snipe play for the first time.

Bird watching scandinavia
Outdoor Gastronomy cooking

The toughest wedding gift!

For the adventurous couple, a day of skiing, delicious local coffee with a warming fire and precisely the bad challenging weather was one of their most desired experiences. Experiencing the power of the mountains in winter together in a safe and secure way strengthens the relationship and creates memories for life.

Adventurous ski touring
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