Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic

Soulful nature with Soft Adventure, Scandinavian Gastronomy and Traditional Rituals

This adventure suits you:
*Who love superb local food
*Want a retreat close to nature
*Want to explore different cultures in this blend of Swedish, Norwegian and Sami cultured area
*Relax in a peaceful place
*Enjoy sauna and hot tub in the Scandinavian mountains
*Try the simple nordic lifestyle close to nature


Join local guides Lena and Sofie on a personal tour to their simple lifestyle. Here we live life in a slow pace close to nature. Join us for hiking and berry picking, try Swedish Fika by the fire, get to know more about Sauna rituals and taste the best traditional dishes, based on what nature brings.
We spend 2 nights in a cozy cabin in the middle of the wild mountain, a cabin reached by a hike crossing the Norwegian border and this place are only for us, no other visitors.
This cabin is an old gem and have been in Lenas family for generations. 1 night are spend at the cosy B&B in the village.
Local nature guide Sofie and private chef Lena are passionate about the sustainable simple life and they are happy to invite you to this exclusive tour and into their homes.

On this retreat we hike moderate hikes but a lot of the focus are on the food. You get to taste all the best of what Scandinavia offers. Our private chef provides us with tasting menus, hearty lunches, fantastic breakfasts and maybe there will be the occasional surprises. We try everything from fine dining to local traditions such as the old school coffee and Swedish fika. This retreat are adapted to the season and what the mountain offers. This Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic are a true hidden gem and are set up upon request.
Please note that the hikes are adapted after weather conditions.

Itinerary Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic

Day 1
Arrival and Introduction
Welcome with Swedish delicacies
Brief presentation of the team and overview of the upcoming adventure
Stay at cosy B&B
Day 2
Hiking from Sweden to Norway
Local breakfast
Hiking 6 km to Norway, passing the iconic shelter The temple of wind
Swedish fika by the fire before hiking the last bit
Chef Lena welcome us to her families cabin
A tasting menu made by our private chef
Stay at a cozy mountain cabin
Day 3
Relax and be present
A slow morning and then local breakfast
Optional: Short hike to see the surroundings
Afternoon are spent by wood fired hot tub and sauna rituals
Stay at a cozy mountain cabin
Day 4
Closing and Farewell
Early breakfast and packing
Optional: morning dip in a crystal clear mountain lake
Closing lunch with local meal
Hiking back to Sweden
Transport to departure or accommodation for stay extra nights

The naked Truth
We stay in a traditional cabin max 10 persons
There is no electricity
There is no running water, but we have running water from the streams in the immediate area
We share the outside toilet
The hikes and activities are adjusted for your level
This is a true uniq and genuine experience- this is our lifestyle

How to book
There are no available dates at the moment, do you want to book your trip on a specific date? Write an email to

Activity Level
Moderate. You need to be able to hike for 6 Kilometers/beeing outdoors for aprox. 4 hours

Whats Included
Private Chef Lena and Local guide Sofie
All meals. Cooked only for us
Non alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased on site
Cosy Stays in B&B and Mountain cabin

You need to bring
Clothes (can be rented, please send Email to if you want rental clothes)
Personal gear
A happy and curious mind

What happens if I want to cancel my experience?
Up to 30 days before the tour starts 98% refund
29 -5 days before the tour starts 40% refund
4-0 days before the tour starts no refund

How to get here

Welcome to Jämtland! With only 20 kilometers to Norway, this is a right in the heart of Scandinavia.

Slow travel, By Train. The easiest way to get here is by train, there are both night and day trains from the major cities in Sweden. Most of the tours are adapted to when the morning train arrives. SnälltågetSJ and Norrtåg will take you here. The train station are Storlien. Let me know which train you’re coming on and I’ll meet you. Book your ticket online for a easy travel. Pack your bags and show the E-ticket when on the train.

By plane. Our nearest airport is about 80 kilometers away, Værnes International Airport. From here there are daily departures to many of the largest European cities. For example London, Amsterdam och Copenhagen. If you want to fly domestically, Östersund/Åre airport is 170 kilometers away. Let me know which flight you’re coming on and I’ll meet you.

By car. Jämtlandsfjällen is easy to reach by car. E14 leads you straight here. There are chargers for electric cars along the way. Exact positions can be found here.

Meet your Guides during Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic

Your Private Chef during this adventure are Lena Flaten

With relationship food in focus, Lena cooks food that tastes of the mountains, the lakes and the forest around us. The very expression relationship food means that Lena knows and has a relationship with those who hunt, fish, pick the berries and produce the raw materials she refines. The menu during this adventure are all set only for us. Some examples of food; Arctic Char, Ptarmigan,
local mountain cow, many differents cheese, Local produced veggies, local picked mushrooms and berries. Lena are crazy over the mushrooms in the area and it can be varied infinitely. All that Lena serves are made from scratch and hand crafted.

3 Quick Questions

Whats your favorite season?
I love all the seasons! Skiing in the springtime are magic. Bright days, warm sun and beeing able to move all over the mountains. And of course autumn when we harvest a lot of vegetables, mushrooms and all the goodness that nature gives us

Whats your cooking style?
I like to cook by the fire. Its a special atmosphere and it gives the food a great taste! You can make very good food with simple means. Good ingredients and varied cooking methods are a great start to a good meal.

Where are your favorite place?
I have to say Storlien, where I live and work! Wide and wild mountains and a great atmosphere! I am born and raised just on the other side of the Norwegian boarder and i mix the cooking from both Norway and Sweden. Of course my best hidden gem are my families old mountain hut where we stay, there are no better place for sunset or sunrise!

Your Local Guide during this adventure are Sofie Werner

Sofie are also born and raised in the area although nature and staying wild are my passion. Qualified Mountain Leader who likes to go off the beaten path. Likes the small details of nature and the big wild views, always with the food present.

3 Quick Questions

Whats your favourite season?
Thats a tricky one! I love all seasons but of course springtime are magic. The nature awakes from a rough winter and the sun are warm again! I also enjoy the midsummer in Sweden, right before the holidays. And when the colours explodes all over the mountains in mid September! Crazy beautiful.

Whats your favorute guides?
The guiding job for me is a great opportunity to show and teach other people about my garden. The mountain is wild and beautiful but requires some knowledge and experience. The best thing I know is to see other people fall in love with our beautiful nature and to share a sunset with someone visiting the Scandinavian mountains for the first time is almost a religious experience for me as a local guide!

Where are your favorite place?
I have a lot, depending on seasons of course. I am raised in the area around Storlien and of course thats close to my heart, but I also love the small pine forests in Handöl. If i have to choose I would say all of the small lakes in the mountains are my favourite place for rest and a swim.

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