Inspiration from Jamtland

Inspiration from Jamtland. Wondering what this hidden Swedish gem are all about? And my tours in Jamtland? Journalists and influcerners has joined some of my tours before.

Read, watch and get inspired by their reports.

Curious about fly fishing?

Sara Rönne has taken part in a fly fishing course for girls and wrote about the weekend on her blog. Read more and see nice pictures here!

I have been on a fly fishing course for girls, this time at Enaforsholm with fishing in flowing water and mountain tarns at home in Jämtland. Are you a girl and want to learn fly fishing? I can really recommend a girls’ weekend. There is something special about it!

Are you wondering what we eat while in the mountains?

The Swedish newspaper Kupé went along on a hike. For me, it goes without saying that the food is local and not mass-produced freeze-dried. We have many fine ingredients here at the foot of the mountain. Are you curious and want to know more? Read the full report here!

So who is The Great Snipe?

The tough rare bird are visting only a couple of week every year. It brings the wierdest drama in the world. Join Sveriges Radio Jämtland (Swedish Public Service radio) went with to search in the bright spring night. Reporter Andreas Valsberg was lucky enough to spot a magic night and called the mountain’s superhero “a flying hamburger”. If you want to hear more from the night with birdwatching, you can find it here!

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