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Strövtåg is a small local run business based in the heart of the Scandinavian mountains. I am Sofie and I operate right on the border of Norway and Sweden. I am your local guide that gives you memorable vaccinations on skis, hiking the mountains, connecting you to the wild and peaceful nature, guide you to flyfishing and bring you the best local food from Sweden, Norway and Sámpi. Im specialized in small groups, families and small businesses. You visit this hidden nature gem to get to know more about Sámi culture, explore wild mountains and try out my everyday life in the mountains. 

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How to get here

Slow travel -By Train
Make your travel a slow experience by taking the train. Good for the climate, you get to see and experience more of the landscape. 
Travel through the Swedish landscape or the through Norway and spectacular mountains. 
Snälltåget, SJ, Norrtåg and VY bring you here.
Book your ticket online, pack your bags and go.

Fast Travel – By Airplane
Dont have time for a long Holiday? No worries, you find the Værnes International Airport only one hour away. Readily available and multipel departures from London every day make your travel fast and effictive. 
Traveling through Sweden instead? Fly from Stockholm ARN to Åre/Östersund Airport.

Right Now, Tomorrow and The Future

 My sustainability promises to you who visit me are clear;

  • It goes without saying to cooperate with my neighboring businesses in the area. As a guest, you always get local food, small-scale accommodation and the opportunity to rent equipment from my friends in the local area. I believe in a living countryside and that we entrepreneurs do what we do best!
  • Short traveled help. What is not found in the village and my immediate area I find in the rest of Jämtland. It can be, for example, web hosting and digital services, always having renewable electricity sources, printing services, hand-sewn food bags, clothes, etc.
  • Make conscious choices to reduce the use of plastic products, disposable items and cleaning agents on the mountain. Always sorting at the source and reducing food waste is a given when you come with me on tour.
  • Always adapts my business to the visitor pressure in the area. A favor for me living here every day all year means I know every path. If there is high pressure on any trail or path, I can always choose other paths to reduce wear and tear in nature. I also have good contact with my neighbors in the Sami village and always choose areas that do not disturb the reindeers. It’s not only good for the animals and nature – it gives you a completely exclusive nature experience when you get to see my personal favorite places.
  • Contribute and work actively to maintain and develop sustainable tracks and trails in my region. I do this together with various non-profit associations in the area.
I want those who are children today to be able to experience untouched mountains, a rich animal life, biological diversity and to be able to drink water directly from the mountain’s rippling streams.


Criteria: Awarded to a person who works in the hospitality industry and has a heart rooted in Jämtland Härjedalen.
Motivation of the jury:

“Conveying knowledge, respect, care and inspiring love for those around us is high on the
wish list for this person. This year’s tourism personality also has the ambition to make his guests curious and discover local traditions, history and food while at the same time gaining an increased awareness of how we can preserve nature for those who come after us. Simply to show how the periphery can be the center and what is needed to create a necessary escape from everyday life when we become one with nature. “Mountain joy” and “When life is at its best” are the person’s mottos, which is not least noticeable on her Instagram account. This year’s tourism personality is… Sofie Werner, Strövtåg”

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