My friends in the area

I am happy to collaborate with some really good friends. They are my neighbors, superstars and love this place as much as I do.

Elinor Enaforsholmsfjällgård
Chef Lena

Lena Flaten runs Flammans Skafferi
With relationship food in focus, Lena cooks food that tastes of the mountains, the lake and the forest around us. The very expression relationship food comes means that Lena knows and has a relationship with those who hunt, fish, pick the berries and produce the raw materials she refines. Photo: Tina Staffren

Storvallen’s Fjällstugor is a given choice as a base camp for the winter courses. Here there are simple cabins but with luxuries such as shower and sauna that welcome us after a few nights in a tent on the winter mountains. The cabins are about 150 meters from the nearest road.

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