Soft adventures

These experiences take you far from your everyday life, straight into the tranquility of the mountains. Good local food, comfortable beds and close to nature experiences are offered here. We don’t go fast nor far – we enjoy a slow life present together with a lovely company, local knowledge and a crackling fire. Escape everyday life and find peace here.

Chef Lena

Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic

Soulful nature with Slow Adventure, Scandinavian Gastronomy and Traditional Rituals

On this retreat we hike moderate hikes but a lot of the focus are on the food. You get to taste all the best of what Scandinavia offers. Our private chef provides us with tasting menus, hearty lunches, fantastic breakfasts and maybe there will be the occasional surprises. We try everything from fine dining to local traditions such as the old school coffee and Swedish fika. This retreat are adapted to the season and what the mountain offers. This Gastronomy retreat in the wild Nordic are a true hidden gem and are set up upon request. Read more....

Red Cabin in the mountains

Celebrate Midsummer in red cabin

In Scandinavia Midsummer is a big feast! We celebrate the brightest time of the year. Its celebrated in different ways- in Jämtland where I come from we spend the days in the mountains. Lots of local food, happy people and be close on nature. Disconnect all the musts, leave the mobile phone and just live. Breath fresh air, drink water from the streams and be present. Read more...

Natures Wierdest Drama

Have you never heard of the The Great Snipe? Then you are in good company. It is a red-listed hidden species and plays, just like the more well-known Capercaillie, Blackcock and Ruff. As big as a normal hamburger and with a sound more reminiscent of a high school penguin hall, it is one of nature’s most dramatic animals. The male does everything to impress the females and plays intensely during the darkest hours of the day. Read more....

Ski on hand made wooden skies- for beginners!

Soft adventure on traditional skies are a perfect way of discovering the nature reserve. A slow pace and a constant contact with wild nature, local food and culture. Never been skiing before? Don´t worry, this is the best way to learn the magic of skiing. Read more...

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